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Greetings all Parents and Youth,

As my wife, First Lady April Washington and I strive for excellence here at Titus Harvest Dome Spectrum Church in strengthening every area of ministry, we recognized one area particular that has been urgent and heavy on our hearts. This is the need to partner with the parents of our church and community to provide an exciting, spiritual and strong foundation for our youth.

Families are hurting and desperate for help and our youth are spiritually dehydrated. So with much prayer and strategic alliances with the youth leaders, elders, mentors, school teachers and community leaders here at the Titus Harvest Dome Spectrum Church, we have identified appropriate entry points to infiltrate youth culture with the salvation of Jesus Christ and power that will hydrate and quench the thirst of this generation.

We will introduce the strategy through our signature initiative MY STUDENT MINISTRY MAKEOVER. The goal of this initiative is to introduce the youth to a more satisfying life by providing relevant platforms that utilize the youth's gifts, talents and abilities. Youth are current resources, not future assets. Our objective is to instill a sense of accomplishment and accountability, to build confidence, self-identity and self worth. This will show our youth how to serve and become leaders, building up the kingdom of their own generation right here at their local church.

My wife and I have met with the various groups to communicate our heart on this urgent matter and to assure that these leaders are anointed and effectively equipped with understanding youth culture and what they face. Please join us in this revolution as we, with the help of the Lord, MAKEOVER impact the generation of the THDS Student ministries.



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