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Marriage Ministry

The Marriage Ministry focuses on the upbuilding and edification of married couples. This is done by ministering to the individual as well as the couple in a congregation setting or one on one. Throughout the year there are Marriage Conferences and Banquets. We also have special ministries for individuals with unsaved, incarcerated, and military spouses.

Singles Ministry

The Singles Ministry strives to aid and assist single adults in becoming whole, unique, unbroken individuals. It is built on the Word of God and Christ centered with a sensitivity to the needs of single adults encouraging involvement, commitment and service. We work together to improve our relationships with the Lord and each other through a greater intimacy with God.
Outreach Ministry

There are several Outreach Ministries that are in operation at the Spectrum. Examples include Street Crusade, Nursing Home, Hospital, Bereavement, Prison, and many others. The purpose of outreach is to minister to the needs of Godís people that are lost, alone, hurt, or in transition.

Children's Ministry

The Harvest Dome Spectrumís Childrenís ministry is specialized for each child. The children are invited to meet in the Sports Annex Center, which is adjacent to the main sanctuary for Sunday Service and Wednesday night service.
Student Ministry

The Harvest Dome Spectrumís Student ministry is specialized for middle school students throguh students in college.  Services are specialized to meet their unique and diverse needs.  The youth meet in the Sports Annex Center, which is adjacent to the main sanctuary for explosive services.

Drug and Alcohol Ministry

The Drug and Alcohol ministry ministers to the needs of individuals that are determined to change their lives through the blood of Christ. To assist in this transitional period, there are weekly services held on Wednesday nights. Holy Ghost filled ministers are available to pray and fast for a complete recovery and restoration that will last.
Foodbank Ministry

Sometimes we are faced with difficult times and situations in our lives. The Food Bank Ministry ministers to those needs by providing spiritual and natural nourishment. In addition to the food and clothing bank, there are special housing arrangements for men and women, as well as several other events held throughout the year in which this ministry opens its loving arms.


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